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      790 Bunker Ave.
      Kellogg, ID  83837
      208-784-1249 (phone)
      208-784-1240 (fax)

      Breakfast/Lunch Program:  Community Eligibility Program ALL Sunnyside Students receive free breakfast and lunch 
      Community Eligibility is a powerful new program to ensure low-income children in high-poverty neighborhoods have access to healthy meals at school. Established in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the option allows schools in high-poverty areas to offer nutritious meals through the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs to all students at NO CHARGE. This program ONLY applys to Sunnyside Elementary Students. Due to our recent building damage students being bussed to Pinehurst/KMS will still receive this program as long as they are enrolled at Sunnyside Elementary. If you like more detailed information about this program please contact Arlene Hendrix (Food Service Director) 784-1348.

      When a child brings a cold lunch and they would like milk or juice, they may purchase milk for $.40 and a juice for $.50. 
      Charging will not be allowed when purchasing milk or juice.

      Preparations for Sunnyside students in grades 2 through 5 to temporarily attend school at the middle school are going well. The school will be ready for the first day of school on September 2nd. Classrooms there are being set up in the section of the building known as the 6th grade hallway in the northeast section of the building and elementary students will be separated from middle schools students. The wing has it’s own separate restroom facilities. Elementary students will not be sharing restroom facilities with middle school students.

      Sunnyside kindergarten and first grade students will be bussed to Pinehurst Elementary. There will be few changes to current bussing schedules. Students in grades 2-5 will board and unload at the middle school instead of at Sunnyside. Kindergarten and first grade students will board a bus at the middle school and be transported directly to Pinehurst Elementary.
      As you now know, Sunnyside Elementary was recently damaged by hail and rain storms. Sunnyside will not be ready for students by the start of school. The best estimate for returning Sunnyside to service is October 6th. The temporary repairs, installing a temporary roof and making essential repairs, will allow us to educate students at Sunnyside until a permanent repair can be made. Returning it to the condition it was prior to the hail storm on July 23 will take more time and require better weather. Permanent in some instances may take until next summer to complete based on the best information we have to date.